3 Ways Homeowners Often Make A Plumbing Repair More Costly

There are two prevalent and costly reactions when a homeowner discovers a plumbing issue in their home. Some will become paralyzed and begin to worry about the repair cost, the cause of the problem, and even if it really needs immediate attention. Ultimately, most will give in and make peace with spending the money on a visit from a professional plumber. And while the final decision was correct, the fact that they wasted time before making the call could result in added water damage that increases the total repair cost. The other folks see a leak or other plumbing issue as an opportunity to pull out their toolbox and get their hands dirty. And in many cases, these people also need to call in a plumber after making the situation worse with some less than professional repair techniques. The best way to avoid a hefty plumbing bill is to avoid the following three costly mistakes.

Getting In Over Your Head

A simple repair like a worn-out washer or O-ring is usually within the skills of the average homeowner. But the key to a successful DIY project is knowing your limits. And beyond knowing them, you must stick to them. Even if the YouTube video makes it look easy, there can be some skill and expertise needed to install new fixtures, repair leaks in a water line, and figure out what is ailing your water heater. Leave the big jobs to the pros and know that you are paying for their experience and the warranty behind their work.

Forgetting To Turn Off The Water

It sounds straightforward to turn off the water when you discover a plumbing problem. But it is only simple if you know where the shut-off valve is located. Some homeowners place their water lines and drains in the hands of a trusted plumber. And never give a thought to knowing where valves are located. The simple truth is that everyone should know how to turn off the water in any home that they own or rent. It is just the best way to protect your home and belongings.

As for the DIY homeowners, forgetting to turn off the water is just a sign of their overzealous nature and excitement to get the job done. They gather tools and parts, get the work area prepped, and then cut into that water line or remove that old fixture before turning off the water. It is a simple mistake, but it can be costly if there is a lot of water damage. If you are a DIYer, always double-check that the water is off before starting a plumbing project.

Having The Right Tool For The Job

A plumbers truck is full of tools. And that is not just because they look cool. Having the right tool for the job is essential. If you try to make do with the wrong tool, you could end up doing more damage. And then you have to explain to your plumber how you were trying to replace a faucet but cracked the water line deep inside the wall. Now your thrifty DIY upgrade is a costly repair, complete with water damage. And hopefully, you are handier with drywall repairs than plumbing fixes.

When you have a plumbing emergency or just a tiny issue, it is vital to handle each situation correctly. And the last thing that you want to do is make the situation worse. So remain calm and call (928) 597-1680. The pros at PHD Yuma will get the issue taken care of quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.