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Septic Tank Repair in Yuma, AZ

Are your drains constantly clogged? Is there an awful smell in your yard, near where the septic tank is installed? These may be signs that your septic system is in need of repair. As soon as you notice something wrong with your septic tank or plumbing system, contact Professional Home Doctors, the septic tank experts.

The professionals at Professional Home Doctors are septic system experts with the knowledge needed to perform septic tank repairs in Yuma, Arizona. Don’t let your septic system fail! Call us at the first sign of trouble, whether your drains begin to back up or your yard is partially flooded, and we will quickly diagnose and fix the problem with your septic tank. When you call Professional Home Doctors, expect top-tier customer service, updated equipment, and a dedicated attention to detail.

If you suspect an issue and are in need of a septic tank repair in Yuma, AZ, then call (928) 597-1680!

Why Septic Tanks Are Important

Septic tanks allow people living in rural or remote areas to treat wastewater so contaminants do not seep into the soil. They also contain solid and liquid waste washed down drains and flushed down toilets, allowing home plumbing systems to function properly. When a public sewer system is not available, septic systems are necessary home additions.

A septic system consists of two primary parts: the tank and the drain field. The tank holds waste as it initially exits your home’s internal plumbing system. It separates liquid waste from solid waste, breaks down the solid waste and pushes the liquid toward the drain field. The drain field treats the water so it no longer contains harmful pollutants as it sinks back into the soil. This works so long as your household follows the proper protocol and avoids flushing chemicals and medications down the drain. Chemical substances don’t always break down by this standard process and may actually disrupt the bacteria that is crucial to the water treatment process.

Septic tanks come in a variety of sizes and are made out of different materials. Some septic systems may have additional features, like float switches, pumps, mechanical components, or additional tanks. It’s important to keep track of what kind of septic system you have to ensure proper maintenance and care.

Common Septic System Problems

Sometimes it’s necessary to call a professional for septic tank repair in Yuma, AZ. At Professional Home Doctors, we commonly see septic systems fail for the following reasons:

  • Faulty installation or placement of the septic system
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Old age, usually in systems that are 30+ years old
  • Failure to get the septic tank pumped regularly
  • Clogging due to misuse of the septic system (i.e. overusing a garbage disposal or washing too many solids down the drain)
  • Disruption of waste processing by killing key bacteria with heavy-duty chemicals
  • Damage from tree roots or digging in the yard

A more complex system may have additional fixtures that need repair, like pumps, filters, and mechanical components. A professional should regularly inspect a septic system for damage or clogs. Septic systems also need pumping or cleaning at least once every few years, possibly more. Keeping your septic system thoroughly maintained and cleaned may reduce the need for repairs in the future and could lengthen the life of the septic system.

How Septic Tank Repairs Work

Septic tank repairs start with a full inspection of the septic system. We collaborate to make sure your septic system works and is sufficient for the number of people in your household. If it does require repairs, Professional Home Doctors will provide a transparent estimate of the expected cost and walk you through the necessary steps to get your septic system back up and running like new. If your septic system has failed entirely, we also have the resources to perform a full septic tank installation in Yuma.

Call the professionals at Professional Home Doctors at (928) 597-1680 to schedule your appointment for septic tank repairs in Yuma, AZ. You will be impressed with our rapid service and deep knowledge of septic services.

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