4 Very Common Causes Of Sewer Line Damage

Many homeowners are not even aware that their home has a sewer line. So it is not hard to believe that they are also not aware of the most common causes of damage and issues with this pipe buried deep in their yard. However, because this single pipe is the only way for dirty water and waste to get from your home to the city sewer system, you should know more about potential problems. No one wants to discover a flood of raw sewage in their home, especially one that could have been prevented.

Tree Roots

When you picture a tree root, it might appear to be a reasonably harmless item. But that is not the case for your home’s sewer line. The large roots grow around anything in their path, and they eventually wrap around the sewer pipe and crush it. Once there is even a tiny crack in the line, small roots begin to vigorously invade the pipe, searching for water and nutrients. Soon, the pipe is blocked by opportunistic clumps of roots or completely shattered. Either way, you are going to need a reliable plumber very quickly. Planting trees and other large plants away from your home’s sewer line is the best way to avoid this costly and messy problem.

You Can’t Flush Your Troubles Away

The only things that should ever be flushed down a toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Any other paper product, personal hygiene items, trash, plastic, or other small items will result in a clog that is likely to create a backup or flood of sewage into your home. When these items are flushed and get lodged in your home’s sewer line, that waste cannot get to the city sewer system and will eventually overflow from the lowest drain or toilet in your home. Put trash in the proper receptacle to eliminate some costly sewer line clogs.

Rodent Damage

If you have ever seen a house or garage infested with mice or rodents, you know that they chew everything. Unfortunately, these critters also burrow in the ground and will chew up anything in their path. If you notice small holes or tunnels in your yard, it is best to call an exterminator to eliminate the pests before you also need to call a plumber. Rats, mice, and other rodents will gnaw through your home’s sewer line and create a mess that is loaded with contaminants. Be proactive and seek professional help to eliminate the pests rather than just having them relocate to your house for their next abode.

Regular Wear And Tear

Even though you did not know it existed, your sewer line has handled a lot of waste and water over the years. And like all parts of your home, the pipes will begin to age and show signs of wear and tear. In the case of a sewer line, this old age often leads to cracks, loose pipe joints, and other issues that can promote leaks and clogs. If you notice more frequent problems with your drains or find toilets are not flushing correctly, a camera sewer line inspection is a wise choice. A licensed plumber can deploy a tiny waterproof camera to inspect the inside of the pipe and determine if it is time for sewer line replacement.

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