Are Your Trees The Root Of All Your Plumbing Issues?

Homeowners across are quick to point out all the benefits of large trees on their property. From adding to their property value to adding beauty and much-needed shade, trees offer many benefits. But what some homeowners don’t know is that trees can also create some significant issues for their home’s plumbing. If you have noticed problems with your home’s water pressure or even the function of your drain lines, tree roots can be the culprit.

The Reach Of Tree Roots

Plumbers are quick to tell homeowners to plant trees and large shrubs strategically. That means avoid planting these items near the area where the water supply line enters your home, and the sewer line exits your home. When tree roots grow around a water or sewer line, they can exert enough force to crush it.

When planning for new tree installations, do your research to determine the size of the full-grown tree. The size of the canopy or reach of the branches is essential to know. You can estimate that the tree’s root system will extend at least as far as the reach of the branches. That will let you know how far from your sewer and water lines the tree should be planted.

Is Part Of Your Yard Excessively Green?

In addition to being very strong, tree roots are opportunistic, meaning they will grow towards water. So when a tree root cracks a water or sewer line in your yard, that pipe will soon be clogged by a myriad of tiny tree roots searching for water or the natural fertilizer found in your home’s sewer line. If you notice that a small section of grass is greener, lusher, and growing more rapidly than the rest of the yard, you could have tree root damage to a pipe in that area. The same is true if a single tree or bush is growing very rapidly for no explainable reason.

Is That A SinkHole?

If you notice a random hole in your yard, it could be due to a leaking water or sewer line that has succumbed to tree roots. The damaged pipe has begun to wash away the soil, creating a sinkhole. If the area also has a sour or foul odor, you can be reasonably sure that the leaking pipe is a part of your home’s sewer line.

Are Your Drains Slowing Down?

Have you noticed that the drains in your home are functioning a bit slower than they used to? If there is standing water in your shower as you bathe or the sinks are slower to clear, the issue could be tree root damage to your home’s sewer line. As the roots grow around the line and create cracks, the tiny roots invade the pipe and grow exponentially, thanks to the natural fertilizer and constant water supply. Soon you will notice that the drains are slower due to the nasty clog of tree roots blocking the flow. This should be an instant concern for you as the same clog could soon create a backup of raw sewage overflowing from your drains or a toilet.

When you notice any of these issues with your home’s water supply or drain lines, a call to (928) 597-1690 is the best solution. The licensed plumbers from PHD are available 24/7 for emergency service to avoid a flood, contamination, and water damage to your home due to tree root issues. In addition, we always provide a free no-obligation price quote for any repair. And all of our work is backed by a full warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.