broken pipe is leaking water

Creative Ways to Find Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a huge concern for homeowners, especially since even a minor leak can contribute to hundreds of dollars a year in water bills. While you may think detecting leaks is obvious, they can hide in plain sight or behind walls. Getting to the bottom of a leak might require some investigating. These strategies can help.

Check Your Water Meter

Has your water bill gone up without any explanation? You should take a look at your home’s water meter. This will let you know how much water you’re consuming. You can compare your new bill with older water bills to see if there’s a significant change in consumption. Higher water consumption without a change in usage indicates a leak.

There’s another way water meters can help detect leaks. Turn off your main water connection, then check if the action continues on the meter. If so, this likely means there is a leak somewhere in your pipes.

Use a Toilet Dye Test

Dye tests are an easy way to check for a leaky toilet. Take some food coloring from your grocery store and add a few drops to the upper tank. Wait 25 minutes. If you find coloring is leaking into the bowl after that time, you have a leak. The water is escaping between the tank and bowl and exiting through the drain. You can also use the dye test to identify water leaking from hairline cracks in your toilet bowl.

Check Your Water Pressure

Leaks can lead to lower water pressure, resulting in mediocre showers and subpar sink performance. When your flow seems to have gone out of nowhere, it’s a good indication of a blockage or potential leak. Calling a professional to make an official diagnosis is the best call.

Just keep in mind that water pressure affected throughout the whole home is not usually a leak issue. You’ll find that water pressure is affected at one site, which is where the source pipe is leaking. This leak stops the maximum amount of water from reaching its destination.

Look for Moisture

Wet patches on walls or the ceiling could be a sign of a leak. Sometimes, leaking water behind walls gets trapped and can lead to bubbles, which are pockets of air and water that may eventually burst and cause a flood. Moisture buildup can also lead to a sudden influx of pests and mold growth.

If you notice any unusual moisture in your home, especially around a water source, then consider reaching out to a professional who can help find the cause ASAP.

Find Leaks Fast

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