Getting Drain Cleaning Scheduled This Year Can Prevent Destructive Backups

Many people overlook the importance of professional drain cleaning. However, using a professional is a better alternative to over-the-counter drain cleaners or home remedies for many reasons.

Using a plumber to clean your drain can save you time. Plumbers understand drains well enough to identify what has caused a clog and the clog’s location. You’re likely to see your drain issues cleared up in less time.

Homeowners need to be aware of the problems that commercial drain cleaners can cause. The chemicals can be dangerous if inhaled or if they come into contact with the skin. These mixtures can also weaken pipes, causing pipe leaks and ruptures.

Sometimes, clogged water or sewer lines negatively affect drain performance. Having a plumber clean your drains can be helpful because of their ability to diagnose and effectively correct these kinds of problems.

Signs of a Clogged Main Drain Line

One of the signs that you have a blockage is when multiple drains back up simultaneously. Sometimes, part of the problem is due to certain types of debris accumulating over time:

  • Mineral content in the water
  • Soap residue
  • Hair
  • Food debris
  • Chemicals
  • Toilet paper residue

When these kinds of clogs accumulate, they may gradually expand. Drain clogs that extend may end up resulting in pipe leaks and breaks. You might cope with water damage that includes damage from sewage.

What About Stubborn Clogs?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to see why clogs aren’t clearing up. The good news is that plumbers are equipped to get to the root of the problem. One of the most essential tools that plumbers have is the ability to do camera inspections.

These inspections involve an auger with a camera inside. This camera provides a live feed of the inside of the sewer line. Your plumber can determine the clog’s cause much more quickly.

What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Clogs?

Although clogs cannot be prevented entirely, you can take steps to reduce their occurrence. One of the most important is never to pour grease down your drain, Instead, pour it into a container you throw out in the trash.

Cement, grout, and joint compounds should never enter your drains. These compounds can settle in drains and harden.

Having mesh screens in the bathroom sink and shower drains can catch hair before it enters the drains. Because hair causes some of the worst clogs, preventing them in the first place is a good idea.

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