Is There A Reliable And Safe Drain Cleaner In A Bottle?

When you have a clogged sink in your home, your first thought is to grab a bottle of chemical drain cleaner. But you have no idea which ones can be trusted to remove the clog without damaging your home’s drain lines. The answer is simple, none of them. All of the chemical drain cleaners rely on harsh acid that will likely do more damage to the drains than the clog. And in the process, they will fill your home with caustic and potentially harmful fumes. The risks are too high ever to justify pouring those caustic chemicals down the drain lines in your home. But there is another solution.

Forget Chemical Drain Cleaners And Grab A Soda

We are not advocating that you forget about the clog in your sink and go enjoy an ice-cold soda. What we are recommending is that you get a large bottle of cola to take care of that drain clog. For the cost of a two-liter bottle of cola, name brand, or store brand, the choice is yours. You can eliminate a drain clog and avoid any costly issues from harsh chemicals.

How Does Cola Do It?

The tang that you taste in your soda is from phosphoric acid. It is added to the cola to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in the super sugary drink. However, that same people safe acid can do the trick on a drain clog too. And you know that it is in no way toxic or hazardous. Just be sure that the soda you are buying lists the phosphoric acid in the first four ingredients, and it should take care of your drain clog issues.

Cola Drain Cleaning

The secret to removing a drain clog with simple cola is that you need to have patience. This process is not as fast as the harsh chemicals, but it is also not as hazardous to your drain lines or you and your loved ones.

  • First, be sure that the bottle of soda is at room temperature. If it came from a cooler in the store, sit it on the counter to warm up a bit.
  • When it is at room temp, slowly pour the entire bottle down the drain. Pour carefully to avoid creating foam that will linger in the sink and not reach the clog in your sink drain.
  • Let the cola do its job on the clog for at least a few hours. Really tough clogs can require 24 hours to clear.
  • When you are ready to flush the drain, boil a few gallons of water and carefully pour the water down the drain.

If you still find that the drain is partially blocked, you can remove the remaining clog with a sink snake. But be sure to put on gloves and have a trash bag ready as the clump you pull out will be awful.

When Cola Does Not Cut It

If you have given the cola a try and still have a clogged drain, it is time to call in a pro. Professional drain cleaning is the best way to ensure that all the clogs and clog-creating residue are removed. The experts at Professional Home Doctors use nothing but very high-pressure water to blast away clogs and the scum that lines the walls of the drain pipes.

This process is safe for your drain lines, the air in your home, and the environment. But most important, it is a process that we back with a complete warranty. Call (928) 597-1690 to schedule your professional drain cleaning to eliminate clogs and the smelly residue in your home’s drain lines.