Water Heater Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

Your home’s water heater is essential to many functions and comforts that most of us take for granted. But all it takes is one cold shower to remember the value and importance of this appliance. Unfortunately, many of the issues that cause a water heater to fail could have been avoided if you had just understood the warning signs. Learning just a few things to watch for will allow you to repair or correct minor issues before they grow into more costly and severely inconvenient problems.

Not Enough Hot Water To Meet Your Needs

It is not uncommon to run out of hot water once in a while. A large family might have discovered that a shower schedule is needed to provide hot water for every family member. But if you have found that your needs have not changed, but suddenly you seem to have less hot water than you once did, there is an issue. The problem could be anything from a faulty heating element to an issue with the pilot light. But you will only know the nature of the issue and the potential solutions if you call a licensed plumber. In most cases, replacing a part will eliminate the problem and cost far less than a new water heater. But if left unrepaired, you will never again have enough hot water.

Contaminated Hot Water

There are several types of hot water contamination. The first is a bacterial contamination that you might notice because of an odd odor. Draining and flushing the tank often eliminates the problem. But if left to multiply, the water can become hazardous to your health. If flushing does not eliminate the bacteria, a call to a licensed plumber for a tank cleaning is needed to ensure that your water is safe to use.

The other common hot water contaminant is rust or mineral build-up. These materials settle in the holding tank and will inhibit the performance of the heating element. You could notice rusty-looking particulates in the water or white flecks of mineral build-up. But the more serious concern is that both of these contaminants can damage the interior wall of the holding tank. Eventually, the tank will begin to leak, and you will need to purchase a new water heater.

If you call a licensed plumber as soon as you notice any contamination of the hot water, it is possible to locate and correct the issue before permanent damage is done to the holding tank. The service call and repair will be far less costly than the installation of a new water heater.

Odd Noises From The Water Heater

In most cases, popping and crackling from a water heater indicates sediment build-up in the tank. The sediment is burning when in contact with the heating element. Draining and flushing the tank should eliminate the sediment if completed as soon as you notice the noise. If you ignore the crackling and popping too long, the sediment can compromise the holding tank, and your cost will skyrocket.

A Leaking Water Heater

Small leaks in the valves, fittings, or piping near your water heater are simple to repair. But if you ignore that tiny drip, it will eventually cause the holding tank to rust. Once the tank wall is compromised, there is no way to repair it. The only choice is to replace the entire water heater. Fast action can save you a lot of money.

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