plumber installs a new siphon

Different Types of Plumbers

For most homeowners, the plumber is the guy or gal who comes to fix the garbage disposal or replace pipes that have seen better days or install their new toilet or water softener. But there are several different types of plumbers who do somewhat different things when it comes to plumbing systems. They tend to fall into categories:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Service and repair
  • Water supply
  • Construction

Residential Plumber

A residential plumber may be the one that most people are familiar with. This is the plumber whose specialty is the care and maintenance of residential plumbing. They are the ones who make sure the water is running and the toilet is flushing. These plumbers also install gas lines and know how to diagnose a problem such as a burst pipe or clogged drain. They usually communicate directly with the homeowner to let them know what’s wrong with their plumbing and how it needs to be fixed.

Commercial Plumber

The commercial plumber works in large, public buildings such as hospitals, office buildings, and schools. They’re trained to deal with the complex plumbing systems found in these buildings, and they must follow more kinds of building codes than a residential plumber. They almost always need permits to work on a building’s plumbing and handle larger and more complicated equipment than a residential plumber is accustomed to seeing. Because of all this, they often stay on a job much longer than a residential plumber, who may spend a few hours fixing an errant toilet or repairing a burst pipe. Commercial plumbers also don’t have as much face time with the owner of the building.

Service and Repair Plumber

Service and repair plumbers are hired to troubleshoot problems in both residential and commercial plumbing systems. They correct water pressure problems, clean out drains, and repair leaks. These are the plumbers who are often called to deal with emergencies. They unclog drains and fix toilets.

Water Supply Plumber

A water supply plumber makes sure that water flows into a building, whether it’s commercial or residential. As such, their job is to install, maintain, and supply water tanks and water lines in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other types of wet rooms.

Construction Plumber

Construction plumbers actually help to plan plumbing systems for both residential and commercial buildings. They are responsible for installing freshwater, vent, and drain pipes and making sure they’re connected to either the city’s water system or a private well. They connect water heaters and shut-off valves and install water-dependent appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. They also install faucets, showerheads, sinks, and toilets.

A Broad Range of Plumbing Skills

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