Ignoring Sewer Repairs Can be Costly and Dangerous

With all the other demands on a homeowner’s time and budget, it’s easy to overlook the underground pipes that make up your sewer system because out of sight is out of mind. However, if your sewer needs repairs and you neglect to address them, they can trigger a domino effect of property damage, health consequences, and more. Becoming informed about the potential costs of ignoring sewer issues better equips you to make the wisest choices to protect your family, home, and wallet.

Damage to Your Property

Unfortunately, unresolved issues with your sewer can wreak havoc on your home and property. Aside from the smell and other issues, the moisture from leaking sewage can cause damage to your property’s foundation and walls. If you do not fix the leak, it can continually weaken the integrity of the structures over time, which can cost significantly more to repair.

Leaking sewage can also impact your landscaping, causing issues with planted areas, soil quality, and hardscaping. Most importantly, unaddressed sewer problems could cause your basement to flood, which can create an unhealthy living environment for you and your family in addition to causing extensive damage to your personal belongings and property.

Multiple Health Hazards

Sewer problems often result in moisture leaking where it doesn’t belong. You might find that your home has mold growth in some areas, which can cause respiratory issues and other health risks to you and your family members. If the sewer problems result in standing water, it can attract insects and pests, exposing your property to rodent infestations, mosquitoes, and related problems.

One of the most severe issues from untreated sewer problems is the impact on your home’s potable water supply. Sewage can contaminate your home’s drinking water, making it unsafe for use or consumption. It can also corrode pipes. Even if it doesn’t contaminate your drinking water, a sewer leak can still cause water from your faucets to smell and taste bad.

The Financial Costs

If your sewer is not operating properly, it can cause water waste and higher utility bills. These problems can reduce the value of your property, and if you intend to sell your home, you will need to disclose the issues to potential buyers. Additionally, ignoring or putting off sewer repairs could result in an emergency that requires sudden, costly repairs when you are least likely to have the resources to cover the bill.

Potential Legal Costs

If you ignore or put off sewer repairs, you might discover that your home is out of compliance with city codes. This development can expose you to fines and potential legal consequences from your municipal authorities.

Keep Sewage Where It Belongs

Staying vigilant about the condition of your home’s sewer system protects your property’s value and integrity and ensures a healthier living environment for you and your loved ones. Don’t let the fact that your sewer line is out of sight allow you to neglect or procrastinate on necessary maintenance and repairs. Reach out to our professional plumbers at PHD Plumbing to schedule a sewer system inspection to keep your Yuma, AZ home and family safe and healthy.