Dirty Sink at kitchen room. Clean a sink drain. unclog a kitchen sink without a disposal

The Dangers of DIY Drain Cleaning

A clogged sink or shower drain slows down more than water. The day-to-day tasks of cooking, cleaning, and washing come to a crawl as you wait for the sink to empty. No one wants to spend a beautiful, sunny Yuma day dealing with plumbing problems. Your first impulse may be to buy a bottle of drain cleaner and to pour it into the fixture, but do-it-yourself drain cleaning comes with risks that may make you think twice.

Strong Chemicals

The makers of household chemicals know the common substances that clog your plumbing like hair, grease, and soap scum. Their products claim to break down these blockages for a clean drain. If you read the side of the bottle, however, you will see warnings about the harsh chemicals that can damage your eyes and skin.

The chemicals you pour down your drain will flow into the sewer system. Any leaks in water pipes can mean toxic chemicals leaching into the local water. These caustic substances are not healthy for the environment.

A Temporary Fix

With a serious blockage, DIY drain treatments are rarely more than a temporary fix. Chemicals and snakes follow the path of least resistance. They can open a hole in a clog without completely unblocking the pipe. You may see a short-term improvement, but it will not be too long before the water starts slowing down again.

Making Matters Worse

With commercial drain cleaners, you can do damage to your pipes while trying to clear them. Repeated doses of these powerful compounds can cause small leaks at the joints between pipes. If the clog does not move quickly, then chemical can even start to break down the pipe itself.

If you are not a professional, snakes and other physical tools can also harm your pipes. In a house with older plumbing, the vibrations may loosen the connection between pipes and fixtures. Our plumbers have tools and techniques to clean drains safely.

Masking the Real Problem

A blockage in your sewer line will first present itself as a slow drain at the lowest point in your home. This kind of clog is definitely not something you should handle on your own. DIY treatments will only lead to a frustrating day surrounded by toxic chemicals and backed-up sewer water.

A professional plumber is your best chance of properly diagnosing and addressing a serious clog. We use advanced technology to examine your pipes and to get to the root of the problem. Fortunately, the sewer lines in Yuma are usually buried just four feet below ground, which makes it easier for plumbers to tackle plumbing problems.

Working With a Professional Plumber

At PHD Plumbing, we are a team of local plumbing experts who have successfully unblocked pipes and drains throughout the Yuma area. Our skilled plumbers can handle everything from a minor sink blockage to a full-blown sewer line clog. If you are dealing with a slow drain or blocked sink, call the experts at PHD Plumbing today.