What Is Causing My Constant Toilet Clogs?

Most home’s in the Yuma area face a clogged toilet every once in a while. But if you find that you are plunging more and more these days, there could be a severe issue at play. And it is vital to discover what is creating the problem before you are faced with a toilet that will not flush or one that is flooding your home with raw sewage. Below are some of the most common issues that could be plaguing your toilet and have you headed for some costly plumbing and water damage repairs if left uncorrected.

What Is Creating All These Clogs?

Fill Valve Issues – In the perfect world, your toilet clog issues are as simple to eliminate as replacing the fill valve on your toilet. The fill valve is inside the holding tank and is the part that allows the tank to refill correctly and prepare for the next flush. However, if the valve is not allowing the toilet tank to fill completely, you could be experiencing continuing issues with weak flushing. While it might not seem very technical, each toilet design requires a specific amount of water to complete a full flush. And if the fill valve is not allowing enough water into the tank, you will continue to have problems with clogs and improper flushing. Check the local big box store for a replacement to correct the problem for under $20.  

Old Age – Unfortunately, everything in your home will wear out eventually. And you could be reaching that point with your toilet. If it is more than about 20 years old, you will benefit greatly from replacing the entire toilet. It is likely to correct your constant clogging issues. But in addition, the many advances in plumbing design and technology could also save you a lot of water and money each year. Modern toilets use a fraction of the water per flush that older models use. So think about all that water savings as you shop for a new, low-flow toilet.

Pipe Blockages – A small drain line clog never remains small for very long. And even if a plunger does the trick today, you will be facing more issues in a few days if the clog was only partially removed or loosened. The cause could be too much toilet paper all wadded up or something that should never have been flushed. But the result will be that annoying reoccurring clog that threatens to flood your house.

Unfortunately, many homeowners get tired of trying to plunge away a clog, and they turn to chemical drain cleaning liquids that are even worse than the initial clog. These caustic products are more likely to destroy the drain line than remove the clog. Instead, call your local licensed plumber for a professional drain cleaning when you discover a clog that will not go away. The process uses only pure water and is guaranteed to remove all the clogs in your home’s drains and the sticky residue that would create future clogs.

Vent Line Issues – All plumbing systems need a vent line that allows air into the pipes to keep the water and waste flowing to the sewer system. If your home’s vent line has become damaged or blocked, that could be responsible for all your current clogs. Investigate the roof vent pipe to remove any leaves or bird nests that could be making flushing impossible.

For professional help to discover and correct the issue with your toilet and drain lines, call (928) 597-1690. The licensed plumbers at Professional Home Doctors are here 24/7 to provide fully warrantied emergency assistance to avert a flood of raw sewage.