Why Does My Water Smell Like…

When you go to the sink for a glass of water, you never expect the liquid filling your glass to taste or smell like much of anything. Water is just a simple, refreshing liquid that should quench your thirst. But when you bring the glass to your face and discover that the water has an odd smell, you instantly begin to worry. What could be causing your water to have a strange odor? And more important, is it a health and safety hazard for you and your family? The only way to resolve the issue is to call in a professional plumber and test the water to determine what is contaminating it. Because if there is any odor coming from your Yuma home’s drinking water, it is caused by some type of contaminant.

It Smells Like Metal

Many minerals can make your home’s water taste metallic. But under normal conditions, there should never be enough of these minerals to cause a metallic odor or taste. While all water contains trace amounts of minerals, an excessive concentration is reason for concern. But the most likely explanation for the metallic smell is not from the water. Instead, it is typically caused by old metal water lines degrading and contaminating your water with tiny metal flakes. Either way, it is vital that you and your plumber get to the source of the metallic odor and correct it.

Does Your Water Stink?

If a whiff of your water reminds you of the trash can or raw sewage, there is likely a bacterial contaminant in the water. Old plumbing pipes and fixtures are the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other bacteria similar to the filth in a dirty shower. You would never drink from a dirty tub or shower, and you should not be drinking the water from your faucet until it has been disinfected. Your plumber can provide you with all the information you need and perform the chlorination treatment to ensure that your water is not harboring harmful bacteria and other things that could make you and your family members ill.

That Rotten Egg Smell

If your drinking water smells like rotten eggs, there is typically a bacterial contaminant thriving on the sulfur-rich organic matter inside the water lines. These bacteria are not the kind that will make you sick. But they do ruin the smell of your water. Having the plumbing system cleaned and investing in a water filtration system is the best way to prevent future issues with this bacteria.

Too Much Chlorine

We have all smelled the water in an over-chlorinated swimming pool. The odor is pungent. And water with abundant chlorine will damage your skin and hair. The cause of over chlorination is often due to bacterial contamination in the municipal water supply. The water facility will add chlorine to eliminate the bacteria. But the odor can remain noticeable for several days. If the issue is short-lived, there is no reason for concern. However, if you are constantly smelling chlorine, a water filtration system can help remove the excess chlorine and strong odor.

A Fuel Odor

If your water has even a slight odor of gasoline or fuel, DO NOT consume it. Instead, call for a water test immediately. In many cases, the gasoline is leeching into the water supply because of a leak at a storage facility or from illegal dumping. Also, contact your water supplier and local health department to protect the community.

When you discover an odd odor in your water, call (928) 597-1690 immediately. A Professional Home Doctors water purity expert will test the water and provide you with options to eliminate harmful substances.