How To Protect Your Home’s Plumbing System

The water lines and drains in your Yuma home have been working hard since the day the water was first turned on in your home. The water lines constantly have pressurized water flowing, and the drains are always carrying the dirty water and waste that you never want to think about. Every task around your house depends on these pipes, from washing dishes and laundry to showering and flushing the toilet. Your plumbing system is helping you with it all.

But without proper care and maintenance, these water lines and drains are not going to continue to serve your home reliably. However, a few simple tips for proper use and maintenance will help to ensure that you are not faced with a dripping water line or sewage spewing out of a drain line or flooding from your toilet.

Water Pressure Has A Sweet Spot

Most homeowners are not concerned with their home’s water pressure unless it becomes drastically low. But it is essential to know that excessive water pressure can damage your water lines, appliances, and fixtures. Anything about 85 psi is considered dangerous and will wear out all of the components of your plumbing system prematurely. If your water pressure is on the high end, your licensed plumber can install a pressure regulating valve to ensure that the water pressure never becomes dangerously high again.

Never Trust Chemical Drain Cleaners

The drain lines in most homes are PVC or lightweight metal. Neither of these is designed to handle excessive heat, which is a problem if you dump chemical drain cleaners into the pipes to remove a clog. These liquids create a massive amount of heat to melt and dissolve clogs. But in most cases, the clog survives, and the drain line suffers the damage. When you discover a clogged drain, a professional drain cleaning is the only safe and sure solution.

Be Proactive

If you have never suffered a serious drain clog, consider yourself very fortunate. But know that your string of good luck will not last forever. All drains accumulate a sticky residue that coats the inside of the pipe and traps pieces of debris that should wash away to the city sewer system. An annual professional drain cleaning uses a water jet to scrub every inch of your home’s drain lines and remove the sticky residue that can cause drain clogs and foul odors. And because there are no chemicals involved, you will never need to worry about caustic fumes filling your home.

One Rule For The Bathroom

The only rule for your bathroom is one that every plumber wants customers to embrace. The only way to avoid gross toilet clogs is to stop using the toilet as a trash can. Only flush human waste and toilet paper. No other paper or debris is suitable for the toilet and drain lines. Follow this one easy rule, never worry about raw sewage flooding your home.

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