What Is Cured In Place Piping?

The sound of the term cured in place can be somewhat confusing when considering a plumbing application. After all, you would assume that any solvent welded or glued pipe is allowed to cure in place. However, this is a revolutionary process that encompasses more than simple solvent weld fitting repairs. This process involves massive repairs or replacement of an entire pipe without the need for a considerable trench to expose the piping. You might have heard of the more common name, trenchless line repair. But whichever moniker you hear, be impressed because this is a great process that saves time, money, and massive destruction.

The Innovative Process

The considerable drawback in sewer line repair and replacement is the huge trench needed to expose the pipe. But when using the cured in place method, all that is required is a small access hole used to insert a poly fiberglass liner coated with an epoxy resin. Next, an inflatable bladder is placed inside the liner so that it can be expanded once it is in the proper location. After expanding the bladder and liner, it is left to cure in place for about a day. Once the epoxy has cured to the inside of the damaged pipe, it forms a perfect surface to restore the function of the line.

Even more exciting is that these repaired pipes or replaced lines have a life expectancy of 50 years at the very minimum. That far exceeds the life expectancy of any other type of pipe repair and even the life of some brand new pipes. So you can rest assured that repairing a sewer line at your home will result in service for the rest of your lifetime in most cases.

When Is A Cured In Place Pipe Repair An Option?

Many homeowners in Yuma are very pleased to learn that cured in place pipe repairs are ideal for repairing or even replacing almost any buried pipe that is damaged. The flexible liner can easily be maneuvered through curved pipes and pipe fittings to repair:

  • A cracked water or sewer line
  • A buried pipe with multiple leaks or damage
  • A corroded or rusted pipe
  • As a replacement for a pipe that is contaminated with mold or bacteria
  • To replace a line that was damaged by a blockage
  • To restore the integrity of a pipe that has deteriorated
  • To repair a pipe that has damaged or deteriorated fittings or joints

The Benefits Of Cured In Place Repairs

  • No large trench needed
  • No damage to property walls or other structures
  • No future pipe corrosion issues
  • Meets all U.S. building code regulations
  • Can replace an entire pipe or any section that is damaged
  • It is more cost-effective than other repair processes
  • Creates less waste
  • It carries a 50-year warranty

To learn more about cured in place pipe repairs and replacement or to request a price quote, call (928) 597-1690. The experts at Professional Home Doctors provide free price quotes and will answer any questions you have about this fantastic pipe repair option for your home.