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Get Your Drains Cleaned Early to Avoid Holiday Gathering Blunders

The last thing on your mind during the holidays in Yuma, AZ is your home’s plumbing. Unfortunately, one mishap can put a huge kink in your holiday plans or cause embarrassment during a seasonal gathering. Sometimes things are out of your control, with guests innocently putting things down the drain and exacerbating a clog that’s been brewing for a while. Read on for a few important reasons to have a drain cleaning and maintenance service well in advance of the holidays.

Kitchens Get a Heavy Workout During the Holidays

During the holidays, food scraps and other byproducts of holiday gatherings can lead to clogged kitchen drains or jammed garbage disposals. Cleaning up after holiday dinners can lead to fat, oil, turkey skin, fibrous veggies and other drain-blocking items getting washed down your kitchen sink.

If you notice that your kitchen drain runs slow or has foul odors wafting up, you could already have a partial clog. Other giveaways of partial clogs are fruit flies lingering around the drain or water filling the sink whenever you run the dishwasher.

Holiday Guests Means Heavier Bathroom Use

Families and friends from out of town love to gather during the holiday season. The resulting increase in showers, flushing toilets and laundry loads can quickly back up drains that were already partially plugged. Before the holidays, if you’ve had water backing up from the sewer into your tub or sink, you already have a clog. If the toilet seems to overflow fairly often, you may also have issues with the sewer line.

It’s better to get a plumber to clean your drains before the holidays, so guests won’t have an embarrassing episode of overflowing your toilet or showering while standing in a few inches of non-draining water.

Proactive Drain Maintenance Prevents Bigger Problems

You might want to ignore a clogged drain until the holidays pass, but clogs allow pressure to build up in pipes, causing cracked or burst pipes and a potentially damaging water leak. Unfortunately, clogs never take care of themselves. They only get worse over time. A clog in one pipe can also affect other drains and pipes in your home due to the interconnected plumbing system.

Even though Yuma, AZ winters are quite mild, clogs can also happen (and cause big problems) in other drains around your home. A professional plumber can use hydro jetting and other safe treatments on your home’s pipes to blast clogs and scrub out built-up residue. Having this done before the holidays ensures that no clogs or leaks will rear their ugly heads during the busiest time of the year.

Give Yourself the Gift of Stress-Free Plumbing

Plumbing problems don’t always give you a hint that they’re present. Instead of worrying about a potential drain clog, schedule a proactive drain maintenance service with PHD Plumbing. We’re the Professional Home Doctors, and our licensed, expert plumbers in Yuma, AZ provide honest, top-quality service and 24/7 emergency response.

There is no job too small or too big. Contact PHD Plumbing for your pre-holiday drain cleaning and plumbing services today!