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Reasons Why Your Home Maintenance Plan Should Include Leak Detection

Many of the homes in and around Yuma, AZ have concrete slab foundations. This forms a strong barrier between your first floor and the ground. One of the big problems with this type of foundation is that finding leaks beneath it is hard. With professional leak detection, you can find the source of any leaks quickly and repair them without wreaking havoc on your house. Check out some of the benefits of adding leak detection to your home maintenance plan.

Find Hidden Leaks

The only sign you might spot of a hidden leak is a rise in your water bill. While you can easily find a leak under your sink, it’s easy to miss those hidden below your foundation or in the walls. Leak detection services from PHD Plumbing include non-invasive technology to find those hidden leaks.

Make Repairs with Minimal Damage

Old methods of leak detection often required some demolition. Plumbers would tear up your floor to create space for their tools and cause nearly as much damage when they repaired the leak. New methods allow them to do minimal damage to your home. In most cases, you won’t even see any signs they were there.

Save Money

Home repairs can cost a lot of money in Yuma, AZ and may not fit your budget. One of the benefits of adding leak detection to your maintenance plan is that you can find and address problems quickly. The cost to repair a minor leak today is much less than it would cost to do major home repairs in the future.

Avoid Water Damage

A leak can cause a lot of water damage, even if it’s fairly small. If you ignore a leak under your sink, it can break through the floorboards and damage the cabinet itself. A hidden leak under your foundation can cause just as much damage. It may even make your home tilt to one side as it erodes the ground below. With leak detection from PHD Plumbing, we will find the leak fast to reduce the risk of water damage.

Get a home maintenance plan that includes all of the things you need to do to keep your Yuma, AZ home in great shape. Leak detection helps you catch hidden leaks and prevent them from doing damage to your foundation and other spaces. Call PHD Plumbing today to see how easily you can schedule leak detection to find your leaks.