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Sometimes You Can See Damp Areas on Your Walls and Sometimes You Can’t See a Thing

A leaking pipe inside the walls of your home is just one possible cause of dampness in your walls or supporting structure. Storms, floods, and firemen can also get your walls wet. Even though it is hot and dry in Yuma, AZ most of the year, that doesn’t mean the moisture in your walls gets dried. Dampness leads to toxic mold that sends spores into the air as well as gradual structural damage.

It’s not easy to find the exact spot where the leak originates as it can be a pinhole leak that drops water after running down the outside of the pipe. Here are a few of the most common methods we use to detect the exact location of a leak inside a wall.

Obvious Signs of Water

The first thing we do is look for damp or stained areas on your walls and ceiling. Damp walls may have peeling paint or wallpaper or areas that are discolored. They are usually accompanied by a musty odor, and while wiping with bleach may be a short-term solution to remove the odor, it is only superficial and will not solve the problem.

You should tell our technicians if you have constantly damp areas on a rug or puddles on the floor anywhere inside your house. The dampness can be anywhere as the water may travel from its source.

Watch Your Water Bill

If your water bill drastically increases for no apparent reason, it may be because you have a leak. It won’t tell you where the leak is, but we can do that.

Turn Off All the Water Faucets

Make sure all the sources of water are stopped inside and outside your house and write down the number on the water meter. Wait for about two to three hours and check the number again. If it has gone up, you have a leak somewhere.

Whether the leak is behind a wall or in the garden, it is not always obvious. We have the water detecting tools with the latest technology, so we can find even the smallest amount of moisture.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Drains Are Cleared of Leaves and Debris

Water can get stored in clogged drains and not dry out no matter how hot the weather gets. This water can gradually drain down your outdoor walls and accumulate behind the indoor walls.

Our certified and licensed professional plumbers can find leaks without tearing down your walls. We also have the means to clean out the mold, fix the leak and properly dry the area. Water damage will only increase the longer you wait, so call PHD Plumbing in Yuma, AZ to get your house back into good shape.