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Steps in the Fire Damage Restoration Process

A fire that breaks out in the middle of the day or night can cause a lot of damage to your Yuma home. Even if you’re awake and get help from the fire department, both the flames and smoke can leave behind bad odors and ruin some of the things you love. PHD Plumbing offers help for those in need of restoration help. We can also ensure that you know the steps in the process.


Before workers do anything to your Yuma home, they need to do a complete assessment first. This allows them to see the severity of the damage and decide on all of the work that you need. Yuma fire departments often use city water to put out the flames. The water can cause damage to the floors and walls and even lead to mold.

Secure the Property

Between moving to a hotel or a friend’s house and working with your insurer, you might forget to secure your property. It’s important that you secure your property to keep it safe from both vandals and wild animals. This might involve placing plywood boards over broken doors and windows or sealing areas that show a lot of damage. PHD Plumbing can also remove trash and debris.

Dry Out the Home

No matter how much water it took to douse the flames, you need to give your home time to dry out before doing any work. This applies to homes that suffered a minor kitchen fire and those that suffered fires that damaged multiple floors. Though Yuma is dry and has low humidity, it’s still possible for mold and mildew to develop after a fire because of water damage. During the restoration process, the company uses special equipment to remove the excess water.

Smoke Removal

Another step in the fire damage restoration process is smoke removal. The flames can leave behind harsh scents that stick to your furniture as well as your walls and floors. Removing the odors often involves the use of antimicrobial products and cleaners. They kill any germs and bacteria that can worsen the scents you detect. Removing the harsh smoke smells may also require the cleaning of your ducts where the odors can become trapped.

Damage Restoration

When you live through a house fire in Yuma, you don’t need to take care of the clean-up yourself. This is a long and complicated process that requires working on one small area at a time. PHD Plumbing is there for you every step of the way, from securing your home and doing an assessment to drying out your house and making repairs. Call PHD Plumbing today to schedule an assessment as soon as possible after your Yuma, AZ fire.