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The Benefits of Using Drain Cleaning for Smelly Sinks

Smelly drains and sinks are extremely common, but they can make it difficult to spend time in the bathroom or kitchen. You may attempt to use household cleaners or baking soda without much success. Fortunately, there are a few ways that drain cleaning can cure your smelly sink in Yuma, AZ and allow it to smell fresh again.

1. Remove Gunk and Debris

When you use your sink each day, it can be easy to forget how much waste goes down the drain. Over time, there’s a buildup of different types of materials like oil, grease, hair, and different sorts of food. Removing the gunk and debris will immediately remove the odors and can also allow water to drain a lot quicker.

2. Remove Mold and Bacteria

When it’s performed by a professional from a company like PHD Plumbing in Yuma, drain cleaning is also effective in eliminating mold and bacteria. The gunk and grime are immediately removed without causing any damage to the pipes, which could be the case when using drain cleaners. This not only freshens up the sink but prevents the pipes from becoming cracked in the future.

3. Allow Water to Drain Faster

When your drains are thoroughly cleaned, it allows the water to rinse down the drain faster. This prevents waste and materials from clinging onto the gunk that may be present in the drain and ensures the drain stays clean long-term. This keeps standing water from developing, which can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Removing the clogs that are present will also eliminate the pathogen breeding ground and keep the issue from escalating.

4. Avoid Overflows and Flooding

Because of lack of rainfall in the local area, water damage isn’t common in Yuma, but it can still occur due to dirty drains. Once the drains are clear and clean, it prevents water from backing up and causing floods to occur in your home. This can protect you from having smelly sewage water in the house and avoid damage that can add up to thousands of dollars.

5. Increase the Lifespan of the Pipes

Drain cleaning is also known to make the pipes last longer because they don’t suffer from wear and tear due to exposure to waste and other materials. This can allow you to go longer before the pipes need to be replaced and also improve your home’s value.

Reach out to our team at PHD Plumbing in Yuma, AZ to learn more about how drain cleaning will cure your stinky sink and offer additional benefits. We’re here to answer your questions and schedule service.